Project description E.M.

Growth Opportunities for Danish SMEs in Emerging Markets:

Strategies and Methods for Adaptive Product Development

Many Danish companies realise that the growth potential relies on a successful entry into the emerging markets, such as China, Brazil, India, Latin America, and Africa. There are tremendous amount of opportunities to do business in more innovative ways in emerging markets. Do you face challenges in developing business for your company in emerging markets or adapting your products to these new markets?

The purpose of this project is to accelerate the growth of Danish start-ups and SMEs with regard to their global expansion into emerging markets through establishing new growth strategy and methods to support:

Understanding of product requirements, product development processes, business models, and pathways for networked resources. The project is financed with 4.000.000DKK from the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond) and runs over a three year period. It will involve a number of researchers from the Department of DTU Management Engineering.


Who should participate?

The project aims to support growth of Danish SME’s through addressing the following challenges. So join us if these are challenges you can recognise:


  1. New product/service development and adaptation to customer needs in emerging markets: this includes issues related to understand new product requirements, product (re-)design, and updating product development process.
  2. New business model development in emerging markets: this includes issues related to creating new value propositions, setting up customer relationships, adjusting new pricing strategy, establishing partnerships, and bringing new ideas developed in emerging market back to the Western market.


What do I get?

Participating SMEs’ have an opportunity, through collaborating with our research group, to benefit from:

  • Analysis of business models
  • Analysis and support in developing product requirements for emerging markets
  • Sharing of success experiences and lessons learnt with other SME’s in emerging markets
  • Receive relevant information with regard to product design and business development in your target market
  • Possibility to test and influence the development of new design methods and management tools to support adaption of business models and requirements for emerging lands
  • Invitation to quarterly workshop, as one of the major forums for the above activities


How to participate?

If you are interested and would like to participate, please send us a letter of interest- see how to join the network.

The letter indicates your commitment to this project in terms of (1) being included on the mailing list of participating companies, and (2) to be invited to the activities involved, (3) contributing to the development of new design methods, and (4) gain access to the product design/adaption methods and receive support for business model development. Please note that we do not require financial support from the participating companies. E.M. DTU Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Building 372, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark


Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen


DTU Management Engineering



Jason Li-Ying

Associate Professor

DTU Management Engineering

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